I am Carolina Muras, founder of Muras Real Estate. My goal is to help you and be your advisor in your next Real Estate investment project, finding for you the best property that suits your needs. You’re not alone. I can also assist you in renting it, to make the most of your purchase, if that is what you are looking for.

In a buying and selling process, traditional Real Estate agencies defend the interests of the seller, generating a very unbalanced situation between both parties.
I exclusively represent the buyer and I dedicate myself to find unique opportunities, which are often not found in the traditional market. Thanks to my network of contacts and collaborators, I have access to off-market apartments; always looking to meet the requirements that my customers ask for.

My personal profile

Cosmopolitan by nature. Restless. Curious. Many describe me as a citizen of the world. The truth is that I have lived in the most cosmopolitan cities in the globe: Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Melbourne and Barcelona. Each place with a story and a thrilling experience to tell.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, and my work experience is mainly linked to the Investment and Banking industry. Fan of Negotiation, I was awarded a scholarship to do a Masters in International Negotiations and Commercial Strategies at the Sorbonne University in Paris. At that time, Real Estate was a hobby for me; While I was doing advice to improve the finances and investments of my clients, at night I read and researched everything related to the Real Estate world. Because the best suggestion is to dedicate yourself to work in what you are passionate about, and determined that this was my path, I started working in the sector. When a job opportunity arose in one of the largest Real Estate groups in Australia, I decided to move to Melbourne. There I completed a specialization in International Real Estate and Property Management at Swinburne University.

These experiences in different countries have given me a lot of expertise when working with clients from all over the world. Being able to know diverse cultures and how the sector works in other countries beyond Spain, allows me to provide a global and insightful approach when having to make comparisons and cost-benefit analysis. In turn, it has given me the opportunity to learn several languages; I speak Spanish, English, French and Italian.

My proposal is to provide you the best service, in a personalized way, adapting to your needs. Muras Real Estate is the result of my years of experience in the Real Estate sector, and  is based on my work philosophy that consists of giving my clients a close and transparent treatment.

There can be many reasons to buy an apartment in Barcelona: live here, rent it and get an income, or renovate and sell it. Each idea goes hand in hand with a special approach. My goal is to help you make the best decision based on your project and budget.

Let´s work together!


A multidisciplinary team of professionals and partners bring Muras Real Estate to life under my coordination

Carolina Muras Real Estate



Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (USAL/Sorbonne)
Master’s Degree in Negotiation and Commercial Strategies (Sorbonne)