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Jun 24, 2020Apartment

Barcelona is a unique city. The more you get to know it and walk it, the more you fall in love and understand it. It has that particularity of being various cities in one, that mix of historical with modernism perfectly combined; each neighborhood with its own style and charm.

From the charming Sarriá Sant Gervasi district with its colossal architecture, to the San Martí area, with its renovated style. Without forgetting its surroundings, with historical neighborhoods like Sant Cugat or nerve centers like Castelldefels. It presents diversity and cultural options like no other.

Each neighborhood has something to offer, and according to your needs, I will help you find the perfect area for you. Whether in Barcelona capital, or its surroundings.

I know you imagine and visualize your next Real Estate project. Knowing every corner of the city and being an expert in the sector, I will be happy to help you make that dream com true,  and fulfill your goal of having a property in Barcelona.

Always carrying out all the procedures for you, defending your interests and offering you specialized advice on negotiation, financing and tax planning.

If you are from another country and plan to move to Barcelona but your idea is to rent an apartment or house, contact me, because I can also advise you on the best options when choosing a place to live. You are not alone in this!

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